Amundson Group brings Construction & Infrastructure industry experts together

What We Do

Amundson Group was created to bring construction & infrastructure industry experts together. Our sole focus is on placing individuals with our network of clients who are developing innovative projects. We focus on what matters; placing talented professionals, who will make a positive difference to our world for the benefit of all who inhabit it. Our placements ensure that the public has access to everything from clean water, upgraded transportation, and a cleaner environment.

Why We Do It

We believe that construction & infrastructure are integral to helping shape the future by driving the economy forward, building our communities, connecting supply chains, households, employment, healthcare, and education opportunities.

The Construction & Infrastructure industry is the backbone of America, and we enjoy being at the front and centre of such a dynamic and rewarding industry.

How We Do It

Amundson Group direct hire methodology has been developed over time and adapted to meet the modern market needs. We can guarantee a partnership with industry specialists across the entire process from initial client contact, through candidate screening to offer and acceptance. We include a breakdown of expectations to ensure that we attract the right talent and provide a blueprint of our client’s expectations on all searches. Each search is meticulously curated against what matters to you in an agreed timeframe.

Dedicated To Your Success

We support the leading and emerging construction and infrastructure organizations that are looking to partner with high-caliber professionals who have a track record of executing projects on time and within budget.