Are You Doing Enough to Attract the Best Construction Professionals?
Published on: June 9, 2021

It’s a question that we are sure is at the forefront of business owners’ and leaders’ minds as the industry continues to grow, and here at Amundson Group, we wanted to share with you some tips and thoughts that will aid you.

Heavy Civil and Site Development professionals are hot in demand. However, with so many jobs and so few potential hires, the time is now to reflect and ensure that you are attracting the right talent that will enable you to achieve your business goals.

1 – The first suggestion is to reflect and distinguish what makes your company, vision, or project unique. With candidates choosing from multiple different opportunities, selling your company will separate you from the pack.

We have seen Pipe Foremans, Superintendents, and Estimators being offered numerous roles simultaneously, so ensuring you don’t miss out and accurately portraying what makes you unique is vital.

2 – Assess your culture and what values, behaviors, and habits you need to see.

Whilst its typically the norm to look at past experience, it cannot be the best future predictor of success. At Amundson Group, we call this fools gold, where people chase an individual simply because they have worked for a popular company.

By digging a little deeper, assessing what values, behaviors, and habits are important to you and your business will enable you to maintain a culture you pride yourself on and guarantee that you are hiring professionals with similar values and standards.

3 – Don’t low-ball offers.

It can be tempting, especially with most projects being won on price, to remain competitive by keeping costs low, and that starts with salaries, but we strongly advise in not low balling offers.

First impressions count, and if you have chased an individual to join your company, nothing starts off worse than a candidate receiving a low-ball offer and then already having a negative impression of the business from the start.

You may think. “But the individual would take the offer” sure, that could be the case, but what does that say to the candidate about how much you value them, and what could happen when your competitor calls them with a more realistic salary? You then have to replace the role, which again brings more headaches.

4 – Work with an expert…aka. Amundson Group.

Inefficiencies in hiring cost you money, period. If you quantified every hour spent reading resumes, flying people in for interviews, hiring someone and not working out, or never finding the right person, the cost implications could be huge.

Compared to the cost of equipment or losing several projects because of the lack of personnel, working with our team will save you huge amounts in the long-term while also guaranteeing you’re getting the cream of the crop in terms of talent.

If you are looking for a lawyer, a doctor, a realtor, you want the best… it’s the same when it comes to talent. But, if you are looking to grow and find your future leaders substantially, we are happy to discuss how we can help.

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